Out of all the aerobic machines that I have personally used I still consider
the treadmill to be one of the best for cardiovascular conditioning.
According to different data that I have read more than 40 million participants up about 800% since 1990 seem to agree.

It is very important that the treadmill that you choose meet your specific
needs and help you achieve your goals. Their are numerous models to
choose from so you have to do your homework. I believe I can help you
with the learning curve. Do not shop by price alone it can be a big mistake!
The old saying you get what you pay for certainly applies here.

A treadmill can be a maintenance nightmare if you buy the wrong one. Look
at this purchase as a long term investment. You want it to hold up for years
to come. You may have to wait if money restrictions prevent you from
buying the treadmill that would be right for you.

The first thing to consider is $money. How much do you want to invest?
Who would be using the treadmill? How much do the primary users weigh?
(tip: If you weigh over 2oo plus pounds you are going to have to spend a
little more money for an upgraded model} Very important! A person who
is heavy will not get the results from a low end model. (under $1,000.

What type of training will be done on it. Will you be walking, or training
for a triathalon? (We have durability issues here}How many users will
have access to it. (tip: Ask the sales rep how many hours per week of training
should be considered normal use}?Again maintenance issues,and breakdowns.

How much space do you have? What room will you keep it in? Be sure to
measure this and be specific. (tip: if you are buying from a local dealer
bring your tape measure with you}. You don’t want to have it delivered
and find out you miscalculated. Also the noise factor should be considered.

In my personal opinion unless you are prepared to spend between $1300
and $3,000 you should wait. A good dealer should be able to give you all
the facts about all the different models and features of each unit. There are
residential and com mercial grade treadmills. Commercial being gyms,
fitness centers, and rehab clinics. But it does not mean if you own a home
you can still buy commercial for better warranties and durability. I
personally have a commercial grade with a lifetime warranty.

I strongly suggest that you try out and get on different models to establish
a feel for running surfaces and comfort.(tip: Bring your gym shorts and running shoes with you to do this. believe me you will be glad you did.
You will know when you get on and start working out if it feels right. You
test drive a car don’t you? You can still buy from an out of state dealer or
manufacturer as long as you know the model you want if you can get
better pricing.(tip: do not forget shipping fees, and who is going to set it
up for you} Is it assembled?

Features to look for: 1) How many exercise programs does it offer? Fat burning, intervals, endurance, etc. 2.) Adjustable inclines a must. 3.) A
wider running surface is better for absorbing shock. 4.) Can you customize
it yourself? 5.) Is the LCD easy to read and program? (tip: You will get
very frustrated if it is not consumer friendly, make sure you play around
to see if it is simplistic enough}.

And last but not least the WARRANTIES: parts, service, and labor.
(tip: Can it be repaired in home? or do you have to ship it somewhere}?
Try to negotiate better service warranties if possible.

Now I saved the best part for last. Although there are many different
models I personally recommend the (LANDICE) line of treadmills. You
will not go wrong with this manufacturer.

I have done all the research. If it is not the best it is in (top 3).

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