During the 1950s and 1960s, Panama City Beach, Fla. was a well-known beach city where young adults flocked to every year with friends in search of meeting new ones, and, well, Panama City Beach still remains as that kind of place. However, during this era, a trendy and very popular bar was what attracted all these people. Known as “The Hangout,” this historic bar remains a fond memory for those who visited Panama City Beach during this time. “The Hangout” was easily recognizable for beachgoers as a white building with its eccentric red trimming, and at “The Hangout” was where people mingled and danced, all while enjoying the white sands and emerald green waters of Panama City Beach. Tragedy struck, though, in 1975 when Hurricane Eloise stormed the Gulf of Mexico and created a large, detrimental impact on the state of Florida. “The Hangout” was unfortunately destroyed in the midst of Hurricane Eloise’s path.

While “The Hangout” may not exist any longer, Panama City Beach, Fla. still remains one of the top vacation destinations in the United States and a place where people befriend strangers also in search of fond memories. Newer, yet still trendy, nightclubs, lounges, and bars exist minutes from the white beaches, and recreational hotspots can be found in the heart of Panama City Beach, Fla. No matter where you go, you will always find entertainment, people, and, most importantly, fun.

Also, who can complain about the warm, sunny, and perfectly white beaches Panama City Beach has to offer? The emerald green waters and the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast cannot be surpassed. Many people take full advantage of the warm sun and lay out on the beaches that gave Panama City Beach the nickname, “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches.” You can’t visit Panama City Beach, Fla. without enjoying the beaches themselves!

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