Treadmills are a great way to workout. They give a complete
body workout and help in shedding the calories very fast.
However they are high impact cardio vascular machines and
doctor’s advice is needed before you can start working out on a
treadmill. Thus it can put strain on the knee muscles and the
joints. Hence patients who have arthritis in the knee, or foot
and knee problems are advised to stay away from treadmills.
Treadmills should be bought only after reading the treadmill
reviews as well as treadmill ratings.

Manual treadmills cost a lot less but don’t provide too many
functions, which the higher end models do. For home use also,
many people prefer the powered treadmill as it gives them a
variety of workouts in their home. These disadvantages
withstanding, the treadmills machines provide a great workout.
Whatever be the time of the day and the season, one can easily
workout and keep in shape whether at the gym or at home with a

Another disadvantage of the treadmill is that many people have
been known to fall off the ramp. While exercising, this can
cause injury. Hence many of them come with a safety latch,
therefore the treadmill machines become more safe. One end of
the latch is attached to the clothing of the exerciser, while
the other is attached to the machine. If the person goes too
far, the safety latch is detached from the machine, which
brings the treadmill to the stop. When buying a treadmill, look
for the treadmills, which have got good treadmill reviews as
well as good treadmill ratings. You can look for these on the
websites dedicated to exercise and treadmills as well as
magazines. There are many options to choose from. These range
from the manual to the powered and the electrical treadmills.
They can start as low as $200 and can cost up to $3000.

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